Why is our blog called Ameya?

Why is our blog called Ameya?

Ameya by Aamvi is our blog where we will share thoughts, beliefs and everything dear to us. Ameya means boundless and pure and here at Aamvi we stand by those. We hope to push out limits and source sustainable textiles and designs from the heart of India. Aamvi is dedicated to reviving traditional crafts and handlooms and incorporating them into contemporary clothing. Founded less than a year back by Meghavi Shah and her mother, the brand was born out of Meghavi’s passion for traditional crafts. During her college days, she visited several craft clusters and fell in love with the craftsmanship. She took the step towards realising her dream and quit her full time job as a stylist to create Aamvi along with her mother.

The journey has not been easy, but it has been beautiful. It took months of research to locate the local artisans in order to source textiles directly from them. Once they were discovered, there was no looking back. The search for pure and authentic Indian craft proved to be fruitful.The beauty of the brand lies in the transparency between the local artisans and the designers. There are no middle men involved and the textiles are sourced directly. All the textiles are hand manufactured and there are no machines involved. Even though a machine could produce in a day what humans might take a month but the beauty of something handcrafted always has greater value.

Here at Ameya we strive to bring you the various ideas and processes that go into making Aamvi the brand it is. We want you to be involved in and feel every step that goes into making an Aamvi design. Every piece is unique and one of a kind barring a few classic designs. Owning a piece would thereby mean owning one like none other.

We put our best foot forward to make a difference to this planet by making use of sustainable textiles which means that we are making a positive impact on ecological and social spheres. Every piece of clothing generates zero waste and is made by skilled artisans with love and passion. Since there is zero waste being generated, the pieces are eco-friendly and since they are sourced directly from the local artisans, it is socially empowering.

Ameya is our initiative to bring to you everything that is important to us. We strongly believe in honest communication and we hope to maintain that with you though our blog. We hope to tell you our stories, our experiences and share our little joys with you. We truly believe that there are boundless and limitless possibilities in art and design and therefore we will also bring to you put together what you have in ways that you never imagined. Ameya, our blog will be our channel to reach out to you and an extension of everything that we put up on our social media. We would love to hear from you in the comments. We present to you Ameya- Boundless and Pure.

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