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At Aamvi we are creating a community of Strong, Empowered women who believe in style that is comfortable and brings them joy - In Clothing that cares for the planet and our craftsmen.

We’re a brand that believes in bringing traditional Indian values and blending them with contemporary clothing.  

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Coming from a background that is not privileged, it took a lot of strength to start yet another clothing brand. For a long time we kept asking ourselves, 'How do we spread the message? How do we stand out?' The answer was by being honest, and keeping love and tradition at the heart of everything we do. We were like many others who spent years practising fast fashion.

We always knew how immensely talented our craftsmen are yet they are not valued enough. But suddenly there was a need for something unique, art that could be worn -

So we took the leap and designed our very first collection. The love is enough to keep us going! 

We design clothing that sparks joy, brings comfort, while being stylish. Pieces that are slow made, and handcrafted with love.