At Aamvi we are creating a community of Strong, Empowered women who believe in style that is comfortable and brings them joy - In Clothing that cares for the planet and our craftsmen.

We’re a brand that believes in bringing traditional Indian values and blending them with contemporary clothing.  

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Coming from a background that is not privileged, it took a lot of strength to start yet another clothing brand. For a long time we kept asking ourselves, 'How do we spread the message? How do we stand out?' The answer was by being honest, and keeping love and tradition at the heart of everything we do. We were like many others who spent years practising fast fashion.

We always knew how immensely talented our craftsmen are yet they are not valued enough. But suddenly there was a need for something unique, art that could be worn -

So we took the leap and designed our very first collection. The love is enough to keep us going! 

We design clothing that sparks joy, brings comfort, while being stylish. Pieces that are slow made, and handcrafted with love. 

Aamvi is inspired by the women who have raised me and their timeless style.

It is by women, for every Woman.  








Ami Soni & Meghavi 

Founders at Aamvi



What We Stand For

At Aamvi, we believe in handmade products that support collaborative and sustainable design. We deeply respect the traditional work techniques of artisans and the time it takes them to make each product by hand.

However, work is not our only concern. As a committed Artisan-Made Online Clothing Store, we go above and beyond to create strong emotional ties with the communities we work with. We strengthen our ties with artisans through conversations and honesty, all while helping them reach economic independence through their craft.

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In a changing world, we believe it's no longer about just clothing.

At Aamvi we sell stories, not garments. Each piece has so much of thoughts behind it. Above all, its our belief that drives us. When we started out, visited remote areas to look for crafts. That is when we discovered so many tales, of men and womenworking hard to preserve their heritage, just giving out one lesson in their own way "BE YOURSELF".

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We wanted a name that would pay respect to all Women and their strength. Randomly, we put together the first two and last to initials of me and mom's name. After some research we found out that "Aamvi" was a word for "Goddess". It couldn't be a more perfect setting :)

Aamvi’s tagline is “Comfort, Joy, and St
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"It is so amazing to see two women work hard and create beautiful garments that are modern but traditional at the same time."

"Aamvi reflects what I stand for, being a modern woman yet keeping tradition at heart. I love how their accesories are made out of fabric waste! And all of this at an affordable price.

Wishing the best for this brand <3"

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